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Jeanne has an eclectic practice of professional speaking and hands-on organizing. From paper, time and clutter control to critter patrol to working with seniors and helping settle estates, there is never a dull moment.


Speaking Engagements

Jeanne offers a variety of presentations based on her years of experience in a wide-range of organizing situations. She offers customized educational presentations on:

  • Estate Organization and how to get your affairs in order.
  • Working with seniors -- recognizing and meeting their unique needs
  • Clutter control, along with paper and time management techniques [more]


Personal Consultation Service

Jeanne is available for personal telephone consultations, which you can register for through this site. Once notice of payment is received, she will e-mail you within 24 hours with possible dates and times for telephone consultations. Please indicate the time zone in which you live.

Consulting Fee
Telephone consultation, minimum 1 hour at $135 per hour


Estate Organization

Jeanne helps the client complete either the computer version or paper format version of “Exit Strategies: A Plan and A Place For Your Estate Information.” This service includes a personal consultation on the various topics covered in the program, and may include the actual “search and rescue” of the client’s information from their filing system, etc. Together Jeanne and the clients complete the data sheet portion of the system. [more]


Assisting Executors and Trustees (Estate Administrators)

Family or friends frequently agree to these roles, without having a clue about the responsibilities involved. They hope they will never be called upon to perform these duties. Thus they are totally unprepared for the job when it arrives, or the total upheaval it causes in their lives and schedules!


Jeanne’s clients maintain their fiduciary and legal responsibilities, but often need assistance with the hands-on issues involved with settling an estate. Working closely with their legal counsel and financial advisors, Jeanne can assist with the duties of finding and valuing the assets, establish a filing system for the required documents and reports, meeting court and federal deadlines, and assist with the distribution of the estate according to the legal documents and court orders, to name a few of the services offered. Each estate is different, and many assignments fall under the category of “other duties as assigned.” [more]


Demographics show what Jeanne has been observing for years -- that the need for professional organizers trained to work in the fields of Estate Organizing and Assisting Executors/Trustees is growing exponentially. She teaches two-day training workshops to prepare other professional organizers to add these fields to their practices. [more]


Paper Management

Whether in the professional or personal office setting, paper can quickly become an overwhelming menace! Jeanne works with each client to set up a personalized “finding” system to manage the incoming, action items, pending and archived papers that MUST be kept. She teaches her clients how to set priorities on retaining paper, and gives them permission to shred or recycle the rest. [more]


Time Management

If your paper is out of control, often the same holds true for the usage of your time. Jeanne teaches her clients skills to incorporate the best use of their calendar, learn to set good boundaries, and priorities, and to become more efficient and productive in both the personal and business sides of their lives. [more]


Moving and Relocation

Moving is an extremely stressful change. Just the decision to move may be overwhelming, let alone actually doing it! Many clients are simply paralyzed at the concept of moving to a smaller abode after living in a large home for 40+ years.


Jeanne comes along side the client and works with them to decide what to take, where it will fit, how to get it there and how to dispose of the remainder of the contents of their home to their best advantage. She works with the movers to oversee the packing, moving and unpacking process. [more]puzzle piece

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